Welcome to Naperville

Welcome From the Mayor of Naperville

A. George Pradel

A. George Pradel

As the 40th mayor of Naperville, it is with sincere pride that I welcome you to the ideal American city. We point with true pride to our business community, educational system, public safety departments, health care services, and culture. Naperville is where you will experience a true quality of life.

I like to think of my personal story as an American Dream. In 1939, when I was 2 years old, my parents discovered Naperville when the population was about 5,000. I've watched our town grow from a small farming community into a thriving metropolis approaching 145,000 residents.

As we approach 180 years of triumphs, glories and challenges, I give credit to the 39 mayors before me. Every person who ever served in this leadership position, and every council, has made a difference. Just when you think that Naperville couldn't get any better, another enthusiastic organization or volunteer group comes up with another initiative to enhance our community.

We strive to do our very best every day, mainly because our community wouldn't want it any other way.

Welcome to Naperville, the Chicagoland city that has been named in the top five Best Places to Live by Money Magazine for the past three years.

The city of Naperville, 28 miles west of downtown Chicago, has been growing into one of Illinois' top communities ever since its incorporation in 1857. And now, with a population of more than 142,000, the accolades continue to flow.

Naperville has previously been named as one of the nation's top cities to raise a family, one of the best cities to retire to, and one of the nations ten best walking towns. So whether you're planning a visit, starting a business or relocating, Naperville has it all.


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