Arthur Zards


Bios. An almost impossible task to share your accomplishments without sounding pompous. Here goes the impossible, take it away third person narrator.

Arthur is a big picture idea guy who loves to create. He lives in the world of “it’s never been done before.”, tends to stay under the radar a little, and has some significant accomplishments.

Arthur is an original Internet entrepreneur founding an Internet company before the web browser even existed. He wasn’t learning about digital marketing, branding, innovation, development; he was creating it.

He is a long time TEDster & self-described TED fanatic and is the founder and curator for TEDxNaperville. TEDxNaperville is the Midwest’s longest running TEDx event and over the past 7 years has brought over 100 extraordinary speakers with over half a million online views to the community. He is an active leader in the TED/TEDx community, designing and leading workshops for TED and TED Global, including his very own TED talk.

Arthur latest “it’s never been done before” idea is founding Experiential Fuse, an innovation agency that focuses on experience design and new approaches to create authentic engagements with organizations, brands, events, and customers, through intentional design of emotion & meaning. Boring and meaningless events, summits or conferences don’t exist in Arthurs world.

He is extremely excited (some would say too much) in this new area of emotion & meaning in the experiential economy, and welcomes anyone to have a conversation with him about this topic.

Arthur has been Featured in numerous print and TV outlets such as the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, ABC news, WGN,  been interviewed by the late Mya Anglous and created an experience where the ABC TV show Shark Tank’s very own Barbara Corcoran owed him money.

His mantra is to “create an idea, get people excited, do it, repeat.”

In his spare time he carves Tiki Moai, jumps off cliffs in his paraglider and grills a mean Argentina style Picanha.

Arthur Zards