Advanced Health of Naperville & The Branch 

Dr. Cathy Subber


Dr. Cathy Subber has been a fan of chiropractic care since her springboard diving accident in 1990. Chiropractic care helped her overcome her injury and started her down the path of helping others. A native of Clinton, New Jersey, Dr. Cathy attended the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. In 1999, not long after graduation, she moved to Naperville, Illinois. There she opened Advanced Health of Naperville — providing care for all ages, including chiropractic adjustments, cranial adjustments, physical therapy, and massage therapy.

Dr. Cathy provides both pediatric and adult chiropractic care and is one of the only doctors in the area trained for upper palate and cranial adjustments. These adjustments are beneficial from issues ranging from nursing/feeding challenges, colic, torticollis, ear/sinus issues, and reflux in babies to TMJ, dizziness, headaches, sinus congestion, and ear issues in adults.

Dr. Cathy is also the founder of The Branch, a community where moms connect to empower and engage with each other. Learn more at | (630) 355-8988

Advanced Health of Naperville & The Branch