Elite Food Safety

Samuel Derr

Owner & CEO

My name is Sam Derr and I own Elite Superior Foods, Inc and Elite Food Safety Training, Inc. Elite Superior Foods is the home of Sam’s Famous Salsa. My family’s salsa recipe has been handed through generations for over 100 years. Sam’s Famous Salsa is a full flavor experience that is certified Gluten-free, and NON-GMO certified and we’re a family-owned small business in Naperville.

My other company, Elite Food Safety Training, focuses on keeping the studying and course material exciting, and engaging, and sharing new data and food safety information relative to the industry. I have been a certified ServSafe© Instructor and Proctor for the past 15 years, conducting food safety classes under Elite Food Safety Training in the Naperville area as well and across the U.S.

I’m a professionally trained Sushi Chef at the world-famous California Sushi Academy 17 years ago. My training was given by Toshi Sugiura and Zoran Lekic. I know and understand the physical and mental strength it takes to run a restaurant operation. I also provide ServSafe food safety training and also the largest Sushi sub-contractor providing oversight for 103 U.S. Military Commissary Sushi bars as “Sushi Sam”.