Key Initiatives to Support Our Business Recovery

The NACC is intent on determining the needs of our business community as we are emerging from the gripes of COVID-19 pandemic and the financial aftermath that will follow.  It has been a bit of a kaleidoscope to accurately assess your needs with numerous changes in re-opening mitigations, fluctuations in the availability of grants and federal funds available over the last months. However, I have had the privilege of working with colleagues in various regions around the state over the last few months to determine what can be done legislatively to support our Members.   While our efforts continue to be a work in progress, below are a few of the concepts that we have identified to serve our area business community.  Some bills are already in play in Springfield to address some of these issues and we will be actively advocating for their passage.  We are in discussions with elected officials to help move other initiatives forward prior to the end of this legislative session.

Exempt Unemployment Insurance Benefit Claims from Affecting a Business’s Contribution Rate for those Layoffs Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the unemployment system works on a proportional contribution system, businesses are given a rating that influences that business’s contribution to the unemployment system. The greater a business’ contribution rate leads to a greater financial contribution from that business to the unemployment system. This initiative would call for the employer not to be charged for any benefits due to unemployment that was COVID-19-related.

Provide Legal Protections for Businesses / Employers Following Established Safety Guidelines from Claims that COVID-19 was Contracted at the Place of Business

COVID-19-related lawsuits could deter entities from reopening and could ultimately cripple businesses across every industry due to the large costs involved in litigations. Without liability protection, there is a risk of our businesses being punished for their efforts in the form of lawsuits resulting from operating their business or conducting job duties to the best of their abilities.

Establish Business Tax Credits for Costs in Establishing Remote Work Capabilities

This proposal addresses the costs effectively mandated by the stay-at-home order to set up a work-from-home environment such as virtual protected network licenses, software, internet access, computer hardware, telecommunication devices, associated labor costs and office supplies. 

I welcome your feedback on the value of these initiatives on your bottom line as well as if you have other policy ideas that would serve your business.

Working together we can move business forward even in the most challenging of times. 

Reba Osborne, Director of Government Affairs

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