Troy D. Hammond, Ph.D. 


Professor of Physics 

A scientist, business leader and entrepreneur, Dr. Troy D. Hammond is the 10th president of North Central College in Naperville, Illinois, founded in 1861.

Under Dr. Hammond’s leadership, North Central has added or renovated 240,000 square feet of space and become known for its state-of-the-art facilities. The most dramatic campus additions are the interdisciplinary Dr. Myron Wentz Science Center and the School of Business and Entrepreneurship with its Bloomberg financial lab. A new health sciences and engineering building is slated for completion in 2021. To fund these and other improvements, Dr. Hammond launched the $150 million Brilliant Future Campaign, which has received overwhelming support from alumni and friends and raised more than $110 million to date.

Dr. Hammond has also energized the North Central student academic experience. He led a significant expansion of graduate programs and the development of new majors in engineering, neuroscience, and health science, building on the College’s reputation for distinctive programs, particularly in the sciences and business. The College also launched a reimagined general education curriculum as it transitioned to a semester calendar in 2019.

A prominent figure in higher education, Dr. Hammond is chair of the New American Colleges and Universities board of directors and serves on the NCAA Division III Presidents Council as well as several other non-profit and for-profit boards.

Dr. Hammond earned B.S. degrees from Milligan College and Georgia Tech. He won the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) fellowship for his doctoral program in atomic physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After completing his Ph.D., Dr. Hammond worked at McKinsey & Company, Plextronics and BlueStar Energy Services. He also taught at Milligan College. 

Dr. Hammond holds numerous patents and has published on physics, nanotechnology, polymer electronics, and solar technology. He was named one of 60 outstanding alumni from among the more than 40,000 recipients of the NSF’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

Dr. Troy D. Hammond