Stand up for business.

Owners, employees, community members, community leaders, and not-for-profits.

In the know

Being in the know means we are a resource for your knowledge. We help you throughout the entire life-cycle of your business to connect to what matters.


We welcome like-minded businesses to come together for a greater purpose: from women in business to small business, we are constantly weaving a web of connection and success.


Nothing about what we do is traditional. We are in a constant state of transformation on behalf of our Members and the community. From the technology we use – to the speakers we bring in. We break boundaries to find what works and what brings success to you.


It’s not just about leads, it’s about relationships. We are door openers and business changers. We truly care about our Members and helping them do more.


We are a THINKING ORGANIZATION not just a networking group. We provide access to innovation and are constantly shifting our offerings as a Chamber. We harness the knowledge that brings people and BUSINESS FORWARD.