We Decided to Brush the Dust Off of our Membership Plans

Happy New Year!

The NACC just started a new fiscal year starting July 1st and I have never been happier to leave 2020 behind!  With the “new year” we have decided to brush the dust off of our membership plans and make the benefits more relevant to what our Members need.  


Our Grow Members are interested in networking opportunities, as well as offering enrichment opportunities for their employees and themselves by attending professional and personal development events; businesses with less than 10 employees are eligible, as well as Not-For-Profits.


Our Engage Members are ready to take the next steps towards community engagement and impact. They are doing this by getting involved in initiatives, volunteering on committees, and engaging with the projects focused on the issues and needs of our city.


Our Invest Members have the wisdom to share and are ready to utilize their connections to influence positive change by telling their story and the stories of others. They are investing in our business community.


Our Community Partners have a vested interest in collaborating to push growth and innovation inside our city. They thrive on positive impact and building momentum with involvement from other Members and being trusted leaders in their industries.


Chairman’s Circle Membership is $3,495 then each membership is customized with additional sponsorship, advertising, and tickets adding up to $5,000+ in support.

My role in this new year has changed as well.  We know that we need to be more intentional about supporting our current Members, and with this – my role has shifted to meeting with all of our current Members to share the new membership plans, see how the Chamber can best support you, and dig more into how I can refer your businesses to others.  Danielle Blake, our Business Development Manager will shift her focus to new Members – so don’t forget to send in those referrals.  They are always appreciated!

Do not hesitate to reach out at any time to our Membership Team:

Jessica Hall, Director of Membership:  Jhall@naperville.net

Suzie Pschirrer, Executive Member Engagement Coordinator:  Spschirrer@naperville.net

Danielle Blake, Business Development Manager:  Dblake@naperville.net

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