The Candidate Review Committee

The Candidate Review Committee (CRC) was established in 2020. The CRC will work to make sure you are informed and prepared for the local election. We are seeking candidates that take a pro-business stance, have community involvement, and are prepared for the job. Our focus is on supporting those who support our business community – although we intend to provide information on all local candidates that meet with our group.

Candidate Review Committee Goals:

  • Establish a respectful relationship with our community’s present and future elected leaders
  • Provide a standardized and professional process for vetting candidates while asking about business issues
  • Serve as a resource by better informing our members, and the broader community, about their candidates

Seeking Election?

If you are seeking election to one of these offices, please email Reba Osborne Director of Government Affairs at about how you can get in front of the Candidate Review Committee for potential endorsement in 2020.

Interviews are being conducted the fourth week of September. 


We will be looking at the following races for the November 2020 election: 

DuPage County

  • County Board District 5
  • Forest Preserve District 5

Illinois House

  • 41st Representative District 
  • 42nd Representative District
  • 81st Representative District
  • 84th Representative District