Holly O’Donnell

Client Engagement Specialist

Slone Solutions LLC

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Holly O’Donnell develops organizations and teams to deliver exceptional and consistent customer service. As keynote speaker, trainer, and consultant, she assists her clients in creating and facilitating process improvement, enhancing team communication, and developing leadership skills. Holly has over 20 years of experience in consulting, speaking, and training on the awareness of a client’s journey and expectations. Her work includes Lincoln Motor Company, Walt Disney World, Mandalay Resort Group, Benchmark Hospitality, and Dale Carnegie Training.   Most recently she’s helped build the in-dealership luxury brand experience for the Lincoln Motor Company resulting in a #1 Client Satisfaction ranking by JD Power & Associates.

Speaking Topics:
  • Taking the Temperature of Client Engagement
  • Embracing Conflict Resolution: Conflict happens. We gather around the water cooler to convey our perspective and ensure our viewpoint is heard. Whether office politics, differences in management, challenges with friends or family, you can embrace it.  Become a stronger communicator. Build trust, foster relationships, and find comfort in conflict. Discover the key to responding when discord, tension, and opposition arrive.  Embrace conflict to attain confidence, harmony and synergy in your personal and professional space.
  • How Personalities Impact Team Engagement: Communication is the essential skill to be successful in any venture. Creating awareness of personality types and communication preferences increases our ability to enhance team communication; building trust and influence. Teams gain insights to the strengths each personality type contributes to the organization.
  • Emerging Leaders: How does one communicate and interact with the team when promoted from within or among peers? How do we manage effectively, gain willing cooperation and increase a team’s performance when it’s the first time in a management role? Discover the differences between leadership and management and how to develop your team.
  • Mastering Client Engagement: Discover how consistent and unwavering client engagement builds brand loyalty.  Master client retention by removing the barriers that hinder it; recruitment, training and development, staff empowerment. Build your market share through referrals and consistent client engagement.
  • Overcoming Fearful Mindsets for Sales: How we think about a specific task impacts the performance of that task. If you dread an aspect of your job; sales, coaching, giving feedback. Discover an approach to find confidence and master the element that holds you back in your day.

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