Luke Odon
Owner & Founder

Enshape Fitness

Owner & Founder

Luke Odom is an accomplished Health and Fitness Professional with 16 years of experience. Luke developed a passion for health and fitness at an early age which stemmed from his participation in competitive sports and the discipline it took to be a great competitor.

From there Luke became certified as a personal trainer and began his training career at a local corporate gym. During that time he saw an opportunity to take his knowledge and programming to the masses. That is when He founded Enshape Fitness back in 2007 out of his basement in Naperville.

Over the last 16 years, Luke has helped more than one thousand clients transform their bodies by teaching them how to put a complete health and fitness program together.

Through his motivational coaching and scientific programming his clients receive the support, accountability, and education they need to create the body they’ve always wanted.

Speaking Topics:

  • Fitness
  • Motivation

Luke Odom