A Legacy of Excellence

The goal at NACC has always been clear: to move Business Forward. Achieving this is a collaborative effort, deeply reliant on the tireless contributions of our community, our Members, supporters, and volunteers. These individuals dedicate their time, expertise, and resources, playing a crucial role in not only advancing our Business Community but also in the overall growth and prosperity of our entire community.

A community that has consistently been ranked a top place to live and work in the country. Naperville’s status as the #1 place to live and work is no accident; it’s a result of dedicated effort and continued excellence.

Success is a shared journey, and our community and NACC stand stronger today because of the insights and guidance from those who work to maintain this level of excellence and those who set the standard.

I am deeply thankful for the commitment and wisdom of all those involved, past and present. This sentiment hits me even deeper this year, as 2023 marks the departure of the last board member who was present when I accepted this position due to mandatory term limits. I am thrilled to continue working with an exceptionally talented and engaged group of leaders. While I look forward to the future, I am acutely aware of the contributions made by all those not only since 2019, when I started in this position, but since the beginning of NACC.

In the spirit of fostering continued growth and learning, I am excited to announce the formal launch of the President’s Club. This exclusive initiative is designed for former NACC board members. It’s an opportunity for these seasoned leaders to come together, forge connections, and exchange insights about past decisions and future strategies. This collective wisdom is invaluable, and by sharing it, we lift each other and the entire community.

To all past NACC Board of Directors members, I extend an invitation to join this elite group. Your involvement will be instrumental in furthering our commitment to moving business forward.

The President’s Club represents more than just a group; it’s a unifying force for individuals who hold a wealth of knowledge and experience with NACC. Their involvement will be pivotal in shaping and sustaining the NACC legacy, a legacy that is a vital thread in our community’s fabric of success, weaving together numerous achievements. Thank you to our leadership, and thank you to you, our members, for continuing to entrust NACC with your business success.

Thank you for being an integral part of our story.

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