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A 2023 Calendar Accessible for All

The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce just finalized our programs and events calendar through December 31, 2023. Yes, that’s through NEXT YEAR! Our team wanted to be able to plan out our programs far in advance so we can more easily work into your calendars. You can view our calendar of programs and events asContinue reading

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Let’s Talk Professional Development

It is easy to fall into the routine of keeping the status quo when it comes to working. You can go in, address the task at hand, and move on. It is easy to fill your days with busyness but being busy doesn’t equate to being productive. And being busy surely doesn’t mean better.  OneContinue reading

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Start the Day on Offense

The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce held our first General Membership Luncheon in quite some time last month. Joe Chura, Chief Innovation Officer of Cars.com, Founder of Go Brewing here in Naperville, and Entrepreneur was our keynote speaker.   Thanks to Joe Chura, my alarm now goes off at 5:00am. Yes, I am not great atContinue reading

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Choose to Celebrate

When is the last time you celebrated a business success? Think about the last time you spent more than two seconds soaking in a moment and honoring a big success? I suspect you will have to think for a minute or two to come up with an honest answer. I would also suspect most willContinue reading

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How to Best Network

I met with a handful of NACC Members at our recurrent Coffee & Conversation program recently. We had a fantastic group conversation, it ebbed and flowed as group conversations tend to do, but we did spend a lot of time talking about networking. How to best network, and best utilize your NACC Membership. Here areContinue reading

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Seeing Stars

I am thrilled to announce that the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce has once again received a Five-Star accreditation from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The NACC was awarded this designation due to our sound policies, effective organizational procedures, and positive impact on our community. This 5-star designation is a true feat as less thanContinue reading

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February is for Feedback

One question Staff and I have been talking about internally at the NACC and with our Board of Directors is “What can we do more of to help you succeed?” With such a diverse membership of businesses, we can’t always know what would serve you best. While I have an open-door policy for Member feedback andContinue reading

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Gratitude is the Word for 2022

Welcome to 2022 Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Members and community. I am thrilled that we get the privilege of entering a new year together. Every year I search for a word that will act as a guidepost for the year ahead. It is a mantra. A single word I can point to, that drivesContinue reading

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Magic is in the Air

You, our Members, are Magic. I am so thrilled to say we have added 186 new Members to our Chamber this year. This shows the strength of our reputation as a Chamber without question – but it also reflects positively on YOU – the businesses that fill our membership. Being in the company of businessContinue reading

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Not-For-Profit Awareness on Social

Every November the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce turns our focus to our Not-For-Profit Members. We are grateful for their membership and their role in helping our community thrive. You will notice us featuring some of their stories on social media throughout the month of November. Take a moment to make sure you are followingContinue reading