Knowledge to members and a voice to leaders.

We are the voice that helps you navigate the bigger subjects impacting your business and the action to develop strong behaviors inside Naperville and beyond.

In-House Advocate

We are fortunate to have a full-time Director of Government Affairs able to focus on vital policy issues and economic developments. This connectivity allows our Director to create timely programming, as well as to guide and empower Members to get educated and involved in the processes that benefit their business.

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Advocacy in Action

Our Members get results through transparent education and targeted responses.

Policy Priorities

We support the community through economic growth and professional development. Our initiatives demonstrate our desire to put our Members above the status quo.

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Business Works

The Business Works Committee is the perfect catalyst for individuals looking to dive deeper into local, regional, state, and federal business issues to propel business forward.

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Change begins here.

The NACC ensures your voice is heard from our community all the way to capitol hill – devoting time and resources toward real, positive advancement. Be part of our advocacy mission, and witness the power of working together for the greater good. 

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“As a small business owner, I am grateful for the hard work and passion displayed from the entire NACC team. This was particularly evident when they advocated on topics that would negatively impact local businesses. The benefits in the membership are well worth the investment and I am proud to call myself a member of the NACC.”

– Jonathan Berning, Happiness is Pets


Regular Updates on the News, Legislation and Advocacy Efforts that Impact Your Business

Involve yourself in our Business Advocacy by following our Government Affairs Blog.  Not only do these dive deeper into specific subjects, it will take on a higher level approach on overall legislative events that should be on your radar.  With a devoted member of our team focused on Government Affairs – this blog is a direct line of communication for our Members to use as a resource.

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If your business has an issue or concern, you are encouraged and welcomed to bring it to the attention of the Chamber.

Beth Goncher, Director, Government Affairs can be contacted at 630.544.3387 or