The Business Works Committee

Promoting and advocating for the local, state, and federal legislative interests of our Members of the regional business community.

Ryan McIntyre

Business Works is open for all Members of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce and the community. 

The purpose of the Business Works is to provide a forum to discuss timely issues that affect our business community on a local, state, and federal level.  Local lawmakers and other decision- makers are frequent participants giving you the opportunity to ask questions for your business up close and personal.  

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Staying abreast of current events and the key policy matters that will spur economic growth, create waves inside our business community, or provide prosperity for our Members is how our programming is generated.

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Although Business Works events are open to the community, only Committee Members may vote on a position when required. 

When Business Works takes a position, the recommendation is submitted to the Board of Directors for further action. The Board of Directors will then have final oversight and authority on the official position of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce.

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