About the Not-For-Profit Network

Not-for-profit organizations contribute greatly to the regional quality of life, and the Chamber is proud to have more than 125 nonprofits as Members. 

Not-For-Profit (NFP) Network Members come together to identify and address their needs as well as to discover ways they can share experiences and information as they relate to Naperville’s business community.  The Chamber’s NFP Network offers unique and dedicated programming to serve these Members.

The NFP Advisory Committee strives to plan programs that address all challenges faced by not-for-profits.  Some topics are unique to the NFP community and some will appeal to the small business community as well.  Ultimately NFP Network programs facilitate collaboration between non-profit organizations and businesses thereby building a stronger community.

Representatives from both nonprofit and business organizations are welcome and encouraged to attend NFP Network programs.

More Information

PROGRAM TIMES:  Various times throughout the year

For additional information about NFP Network, please contact Linda Whitaker at 630.544.3377. 

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