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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a set of voluntary best practices embedded in a company’s culture and business processes that produce an overall positive impact on society. CSR is a way a company manifests its values in the ordinary course of business while holding itself socially accountable to stakeholders and the community. 

Through the CSR Committee’s programming and resources, we seek to execute the following objectives:

  • Educate leaders on how to integrate social and environmental impact goals into broader business culture and strategies that can help optimize the bottom line;
  • Create a space for dialogue on corporate responsibility best practices, including employee volunteerism, sustainability, philanthropy, social impact, community partnerships, ethics, transparency, equity and inclusion;
  • Elevate social responsibility—regardless of company size—and demonstrate the value it offers to business owners, employees, customers, and investors; and
  • Highlight stories of how local companies are leveraging the power of social responsibility to make a positive difference.
Members of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSR) left to right; Paul Feith (Paul Gregory Media); David Surina (Nicor Gas); Shefali Trivedi (Giving DuPage); Beth Lopez (Phoenix); Tracy Leddy (Prosperity Home Mortgage)

In today’s world, being a good corporate citizen not only makes a positive impact on our community and environment – it’s also good for business. This new committee will create a space for dialogue on corporate responsibility best practices, including employee volunteerism, sustainability, philanthropy, and social impact.

“It’s a pleasure to work with a team of dedicated business leaders that have a passion for corporate citizenship. I’m looking forward to helping this committee create accessible resources and open dialogue on how our Naperville business are making a positive impact.” 

– Beth Lopez, Chair, NACC CSR Committee

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Give Back to a Not-For-Profit

Consider volunteering (virtual available), provide an in-kind donation, or attend an NFP event to show your support.

Our Not-For-Profit Member, Giving DuPage, serves as the County’s Volunteer Center. They have assembled a list of Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Not-For-Profits (NFPs) that need your involvement. 

Visit Giving DuPage and find out how together, you can make a difference!

Sustainability for Naperville Businesses | The City of Naperville

Grants available to business owners/operators for energy efficiency upgrades and other positive steps businesses can take to incorporate sustainability into their properties and practices.

Programming as a Resource

Whether you were unable to attend a virtual CSR program, need to rewatch a program for more information, or would like to follow up with our thought leaders – find our CSR Programs Archives here.

Committee Leaders

We have a dedicated group of volunteers serving on our committee; find out who they are.


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