What does the Chamber do? 
We serve as a resource for our Members by providing Professional DevelopmentMarketing and VisibilityLegislative AdvocacyNetworking and Relationship building. Each of these resources allows businesses of any size to take advantage of their area of need in order to successfully grow their company. Further, we also serve as a community resource. For consumers looking for specific businesses, the Chamber can supply them with the businesses they are seeking.

How would it help my business?
It would depend on what your business needs are. If you’re a small company – networking, marketing and visibility options would help bring you face-to-face with your potential customer. For medium to large-sized businesses – Legislative Advocacy, as well as Professional Development, provide value.  Whether a business is looking for brand loyalty or business growth, the Chamber’s role is to provide the necessary resources to help businesses achieve their goal.

Is the Chamber part of the City government?
No, the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce is a separate and independent organization. We are a 501 C(6) which means as a not-for-profit, we operate as an association versus a charitable organization.  However, we do work closely with the City of Naperville and its elected and appointed officials. We also work closely with the Naperville Convention and Visitors Bureau and Naperville Development Partnership.

Where is the Chamber located? 
We are located in the West Main Street Promenade Building 55 South Main Street, Ste. 373 in downtown Naperville.

Do I have to be a Member to attend an event?
No, you do not. We offer our potential Members the opportunity to “try it before you buy it” by attending events as a guest. If you’re interested in joining a TEAM after you become a Member – you can visit any TEAM 2x before making a decision.  All of our Business After Hours and Business Power Hours, as well as select programming, are open to both Members and Non-Members.

What if I am a small business and can’t attend everything?
Our Membership Team would be happy to sit down with you and explore participation options, as well as discuss programs or events that are best suited for your business goals. Give us a call at 630.355.4141 to schedule a one-on-one appointment.

Are Membership plans a one-time fee? When are renewals?
The cost for a Membership Plan is a one-time annual fee.  This renewal fee is due upon your one year Membership anniversary.

Do I have to pay for my Membership all at once?
No, we do have payment options available. You may talk with your Account Executive about various payment options.

If I don’t use all of my benefits, can I roll them over to the next year?  
Your Membership Plan is good for one year from your sign up or anniversary date.  During this time, you must use all Membership benefits.  If you would like to know what benefits you have left at any given time, please contact our Membership Team at 630.355.4141.  

How do I log in to my Member Info Hub and what tools can I access?
Take a few minutes to watch our tutorial video below to gain further insight on the Member Info Hub within our website.  The benefits of Chamber Membership can be accessed 24/7 through this feature.

Tutorial Video

Any other questions?
Please call us at 630.355.4141.  We are your resource, and we’re here to help.

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