Leadership Institute

February - May (Spring Semester)
1st Tuesday of the Month

College of DuPage Naperville Center
1223 Rickert Dr, Naperville, IL


Spring 2022 Leadership Institute

(Fall Program Information Coming Soon!)

Self- Leadership

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“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

– Jack Welch

Effective leadership is needed more than ever for organizations to succeed. The leadership development process to nurture leaders has suffered from a lack of effectiveness in training.

True leadership development entails the process of improving one’s leadership skills, knowledge, and attitudes in the context of the leadership role one has inside their organization. It is through this specific application of role to leadership that knowledge and attitudes are fully developed to ensure sustainable application and success.

Sessions will be held monthly from 9 am-12 pm and are facilitated by experts in leadership Tish Thompson and Rick Lochner.

The complete Leadership Institute program will be broken into three key areas/semesters from 2022 through 2023; self-leadership, leader relationships, and organizational leadership. Each semester will have one topic on the first Tuesday of the month and will be held at College of DuPage’s Naperville Center (unless health safety moves courses to virtual).

  • Self-Leadership | Spring 2022
  • Leader Relationships | Fall 2022
  • Organizational Leadership | Spring 2023

To bring all the topics together, each participant will create a goal they want to complete or be well on their way to completing by the time they graduate from the program. While all twelve sessions are encouraged, the curriculum is designed for participants to apply a-la-carte to any combination of sessions they feel are most beneficial to them as leaders.


(Fall Coming Soon)

This Semester can be completed as a full package or a la carte. The dates for the session(s) are below.

* Finish all four topics and receive a Certificate for Self-Leadership *


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* Finish all four topics and receive a Certificate for Self-Leadership *


Self-Assessment (includes DISC assessment)

Tuesday, February 1 (virtual)

The first person a leader must effectively lead is themselves. A crucial element to self-leadership is self-awareness. Leadership assessments are a great way to assess and diagnose where an individual leader is in their leadership journey, so goals, communications styles, and motivators are all leveraged to their full effectiveness in a leader understanding their current strengths and blind spots.

  • A full understanding of their behavioral tendencies both naturally and adaptively and how both impact their leadership via the DISC Assessment
  • A full understanding of their motivators and how that impacts their leadership via the Values Assessment
  • A full understanding of their communications styles where they can communicate what works best and what to avoid for those who communicate with them

Ethics and Motivation

Tuesday, March 1 (in-person)

For a leader to understand themselves fully is to understand how they live their core values. What is the foundation of the individual leader that dictates the decisions they make through the lens of their ethics and values. This session will also explore the true meaning of motivation and why it is crucial for every individual leader to understand they alone control the choice of how they show up each and every day.

  • What is motivation and what are the levers that control one’s motivation (this will also draw on the Values Index assessment discussed in January)
  • What are one’s core values and how do they impact everyday decision making
  • How to navigate ethical dilemmas where there is no good answer, only a least bad answer to a situation

Attitudes and Behavior

Tuesday, April 5 (in-person)

What we believe, we think and what we think, we do. What we do drives desired results. So if new results are needed, then new behaviors and new attitudes are a must as well.

Understanding the connection between a leader’s attitudes and behaviors is crucial for their leadership success. Being in tune with their own personal attitudes and behaviors will then reflect how they show up to lead others.

  • What are attitudes and how to identify what one’s prevailing attitudes are
  • What is the connection between attitudes and behaviors and why is matters greatly once a leader steps in front of a team or business unit
  • How are one’s attitudes affecting how a leader embraces the many facets of diversity and inclusion

Goal Planning and Time Management

Tuesday, May 3 (in-person)

If we only had more time in a day to get it all done. Each year we take the time to set goals for our business; formally and informally. When we look up, it’s mid-year and we haven’t accomplished hardly anything we’d planned to. During this session, we will make the goal planning process simple to implement and follow up on throughout the year. Because time is the thing, we wish we had more of, in this session you will have access to tools on how to get more time back in your day.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the goal setting process
  • Explore the different types of goals and how to construct one that leads to
  • organizational success
  • Learn strategies to maximize your time and have a little left for yourself

Please note, per College of DuPage protocol, a COVID-19 vaccination card or proof of a negative PCR test is required upon entering the COD Naperville campus if the program returns to an in-person format.