Leadership Institute

February through April 2023

College of DuPage Naperville Center
1223 Rickert Dr, Naperville, IL


Leadership Institute is an extension of the professional development provided by the NACC designed to focus on personal, as well as professional development solely in the area of leadership. Each program is facilitated by our experts in leadership, Rick Lochner, President & Head Coach of RPC Leadership Associates, Inc. as well as Founder & Chief Legacy Partner, Dr. Laticia (Tish) Thompson of Legacy Blueprint.

There are 3 semesters of courses offered and when all 12 courses are completed, participants receive a certification in Leadership. Participation can be a la carte, as well. For enrollment into all 3 semesters, contact Sarah Iozzo

All programs take place at the College of DuPage, Naperville Center.

Presenting sponsor Navistar and location sponsor College of DuPage

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

– Jack Welch



Tuesday, February 7th

An organization’s success is only as good as the team(s) that are a part of it. Knowing how to establish a solid team infrastructure is an essential part of a leader’s role. This session will equip you with resources to improve the cohesion and function of your team by applying The Five Dysfunctions model.


  • Understand the expectations for a cohesive team
  • Identify steps to improve how teams function in a virtual world
  • Develop an action plan for presenting and using the model with your team


Tuesday, March 7th

A business leader must bring more than a deep knowledge of a skill, product, or service to achieve sustainable success as a leader. They must also have an understanding of how business works within their industry and market, especially in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world. Change is constant so a leader’s business acumen will be the determining factor in how the organization adjusts to those changes. 

In this session, participants will take away:

  • How to leverage the SWOT Analysis to determine the external and internal capabilities and capacity to address the current market conditions.
  • How to leverage the SWOT Synthesis to create priority objectives to leverage the capabilities and capacity in the most efficient and effective way
  • How to assess the market forces causing change both externally and internally to the business


Tuesday, April 4th

It is commonly understood that poor processes will ruin good people. Yet far too often leaders overlook the impact of poor processes and try to remedy them through increased pressure on their people. Knowing how and when to improve the processes that underpin the business is crucial for a leader’s sustainable success. Process improvement is an integral part of a leader’s responsibility as is being able to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of core business processes. 

In this session, participants will take away:

  • How to identify core processes and provide focus on ensuring they deliver on the business promise
  • How to leverage the balanced scorecard to determine the overall health of the business
  • How to leverage the business results seamlessly into the leader’s decision-making process


Tuesday, May 2nd

This final session is the capstone session for those who attended the entire 12-month curriculum. Participants will present a business solution to a business goal they identified earlier in the program that is having an impact on their business. This is intended to be a real-world presentation as opposed to a theoretical problem-solving exercise. The capstone brings together much of the learning acquired throughout the 12-month program. 

In this session, participants will take away:

  • How to assimilate and apply the learning from previous sessions to a broader issue affecting the business
  • How to logically present a solution to a business issue to other business leaders
  • Create a plan to sustain the knowledge gained in the program for sustainable leadership success.