MAY we discuss “brand exposure” through the NACC?

Are you looking to get your brand image across to consumers looking for your goods or services? Of course you are!  Although brand exposure may prove difficult to track, businesses of all sizes should aim to get their brand, name, and image out there. The consumer recognition that comes from brand exposure helps drive businessContinue reading

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How can Biometric Information Impact your Business?

Biometrics are physical or behavioral human characteristics that can be used to digitally identify a person to grant access to systems, devices, or data. Biometric information can come in an array of technologies including facial or fingerprint recognition, voice scans, and more.  Employers have used fingerprint technology recognition for employee shift check-in/out, access to facility spaces, andContinue reading

The State of our City is HYBRID

I am thrilled to announce both virtual and in-person offerings for our annual State of the City signature event. This event, in partnership with Mayor Chirico and the City of Naperville, is one you won’t want to miss. You can join us virtually from your office, your home, or on the go. You can alsoContinue reading

Commit to a Committee

Now’s the Perfect Time to Commit to a Committee According to legendary football coach Vince Lombardi, “leaders aren’t born, they are made.”  Are you looking to refresh your own leadership identity or develop a leader in your organization? We have so many opportunities to help support the leaders in your organization– whether existing or emergingContinue reading

What You Do Makes a Difference

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. William James I would like to formally announce the Inaugural NACC Volunteer Week, which will take place during National Volunteer Week April 18 – 24th. I am challenging each of you to volunteer in some way. The NACC is working to make this goalContinue reading

Key Initiatives to Support Our Business Recovery

The NACC is intent on determining the needs of our business community as we are emerging from the gripes of COVID-19 pandemic and the financial aftermath that will follow.  It has been a bit of a kaleidoscope to accurately assess your needs with numerous changes in re-opening mitigations, fluctuations in the availability of grants andContinue reading

Knowledge is Power!

The Member Info Hub offers an abundance of Member-related information and most importantly, an inroad to our Member Business Directory – where our Members showcase their business specifics and provide valuable referral information. When a consumer is looking for a Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce business, the NACC’s online Business Directory may be searched byContinue reading

Springfield Updates

The Illinois General Assembly is in full swing with over 6,700 bills being introduced over the last several weeks. I have identified some key pieces of legislation that is on the NACC Business Works Committee radar taht could potentially impact our Chamber Members.  9% Prejudgment Interest Bill  | HB 3360  This bill would require payment of prejudgment interest (at a rate of 9% a year) in civil cases, including medical malpracticeContinue reading

April Vote Election Forums

It’s hard to believe that election season is upon us again. Mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 6 for our local municipal elections. Local elections are incredibly important for many reasons. These local elections impact our taxes, our schools, and our business community.  In order to be prepared for the municipal election in April, weContinue reading


As most would agree, there is a level of relief that the drama around the Nov. 2020 election is in our rearview mirror.  However, we are on the heels of the not so much talked-about April 6th “consolidated election” where we will elect city council members, park district and school district board members, as wellContinue reading