Spring into Marketing

No matter what your industry is, having a marketing plan in place is crucial in today’s dynamic business landscape. There are so many ways you can go about creating one depending on your business goals and your target audience, but there are a few things that are universal no matter what your messaging is.

Engaging with your audience

It doesn’t matter how often you post on social media or send out email newsletters, engaging with your audience allows you to build a community that instills brand loyalty and keeps your business top of mind. Creating or engaging in an industry-related Facebook Group or taking customer feedback in the form of social media polls gives your audience the opportunity to contribute to a community that needs your product or service and establishes you as the expert by stepping in to drive the conversation on certain topics.


Whenever I’m working with a business on a marketing plan, one of the questions I always ask is, “What are some exciting things going on in your business?” or “Have you achieved anything recently?”. Not only are you identifying business goals based on what you consider achievement, but you’re also establishing why you care about and work in the industry that you do. Try a marketing campaign driven by testimonials or a case study on a client who really needed your work and how you solved their problem. Social media loves success stories. And every business has something to celebrate.

Staying true to your business

In the age of social media trends and TikTok, it’s easy to lose sight of your messaging or write off marketing completely because it doesn’t seem authentic. Above all else, staying true to your mission and value proposition is what should guide your marketing. If you’re getting lost in marketing, ask your colleagues or friends how they would describe your business to someone else. If their description is accurate, use it. If there are some missing pieces, describe them in your messaging. If the people closest to the business don’t know them, your potential leads definitely don’t.

I am always willing and excited to workshop marketing ideas and make sure they align with your goals. If promoting your business with the NACC is in your marketing strategy this year, check out our advertising opportunities or send me an email. Talk to you soon!

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