Navigating Legislative Updates and Primaries with the NACC

On January 16, 2024, the Illinois legislature returned to Springfield for the 103rd General Legislative session. On tap for this current Spring session are BIPA reform, environmental issues, updates to the Day and Temporary Labor Service Act focusing on compensation, and the status of 1099 workers, to name a few of the thousands of bills and updates that will seek attention during the session.

The NACC will provide updates to our members as the session heats up and bills of interest make their way through committees. Should a particular bill require Chamber support or opposition, a Call For Action (CFA) may be announced so that our members have the opportunity to weigh in with local elected officials regarding the final outcome of proposed legislation. These CFAs typically take only a few moments to complete and are very helpful regarding the final outcome of a bill, especially when constituents become engaged in the process in large numbers.

The Chamber will also communicate with our Illinois senators and representatives to voice feedback regarding legislation impacting our area businesses. Stay tuned in the coming months for updates from Springfield throughout the current session.

The NACC would also like to remind members of the upcoming March primaries, which will determine which candidates will face off in the November 2024 general election. Races of interest include federal and state offices. The Chamber will be posting responses to a business-focused questionnaire provided to local candidates. We hope our members and the community will benefit from the responses in their quest to become informed about the current roster of candidates running locally for office.

Speaking of the upcoming election cycle, take a look at the following list of important information concerning the March 19, 2024, primary –

Early voting starts February 8th!

The following link will help determine where you can vote, verify registration to vote, and how to register.  or

If you would like to view a sample ballot, you can do so here.

Allow yourself to be heard. Be sure to vote!

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