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Love, Leaps & Success

As we leap into February, we gain an extra day. One extra day which can help set your goals on fire, allow you to close that next big deal, or finish that lingering project.We have an extra day – maybe it’s the day you use to build your success and spread some love in February. With the Chamber inContinue reading

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Welcome to a New Year & New Decade

2020 is here, and oh is it going to be ROARING!We just wrapped our annual Gala, The Roaring 20Twenties on Friday, January 10th and it was wonderful to see so many Members and friends celebrate the start of the new year at the Chamber with such fervor and fun.  The energy at the Gala wasContinue reading

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It’s Time to Give

Not only is the work of a Not-for-Profit (NFP) critically important to under-served causes, their struggle to be finically viable is also very real when working on-behalf of a PURPOSE over a profit.  We featured just a couple handfuls of amazing NFPs and the work they are doing for our community in November – and, weContinue reading

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Time, Talents, or Treasures

We are just a moment away from November – a month focused on giving thanks and I am thankful for many things. One, in particular, is how thankful I am to be a part of such a wonderful and giving business community. You may have noticed our Not-For-Profit awareness campaign on our social media channelsContinue reading

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Thank You for the Warm Welcome

I wanted to extend my sincerest thank you to all of those who have reached out with kind words welcoming me to the position and the chamber. I believe gratitude is extremely important, not just in life, but in business as well. A thank you – said in person, sent by email, or sent inContinue reading

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How to Say No Without Guilt

I’d be lying if I said I never said yes to something I regretted later. It seems that we all want to help, pitch in and make a difference, be a team player, however sometimes our yes is more to spare feelings or simply avoid saying no, because it makes your stomach churn. If thisContinue reading

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Attracting the Next Generation of Leaders

Reading a recent U. S. Chamber article about the impact of local businesses on the big comeback of Detroit, host city of the national Democratic Debate last week, I was reminded once again how business success means major wins for their local communities.  From General Motors compost collection program to cultivate urban gardens throughout theContinue reading

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Business Success – The Power Of Relationships

What distinguishes our organization from others is the emphasis we put on relationship building. It is the cornerstone of any successful business, especially ours. We know that there are so many options when it comes to growing your business, but the NACC knows that you can’t grow your business without relationships.    Being the leaderContinue reading

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Summer’s Here – 5 Reasons Why You should Disconnect

We’ve all been there. Your vacation is ending, anxiety kicks in with the anticipation of all the emails, phone messages and paperwork that awaits you. Although if you’re like most people, you’ve been checking your emails while on vacation which begs the question, are you ever really on vacation? Many years ago, vacation was trulyContinue reading