Investing in Yourself: Embracing the Back-to-School Season for Leaders 

It’s that time of year again – back-to-school season. Have you ever considered revisiting the school environment to learn and enhance your skills as a leader? Just as students grasp new knowledge in school, leaders can also gain new skills. NACC’s annual Leadership Institute series presents itself as an incredible opportunity for self-investment, providing you with a chance to evolve into an even more effective leader. 

Emphasizing the significance of professional development is a recurring theme for us. This could stem from NACC’s multitude of incredible opportunities, or simply because we’re strong advocates for it. Our interest lies in being a contributing factor to your success story. Keep in mind, the more you learn, the more you grow, propelling yourself towards your goals and your personal definition of success. 

The Leadership Institute acts as a power-up for your leadership skills. Regardless of whether you’re a newcomer to leadership or you’re already well-versed, this program facilitates growth. Accomplished experts in the realm of leadership, such as Rick Lochner and Dr. Laticia Thompson, will expertly guide you through this journey. You can take individual sessions or complete the whole program. While I highly recommend the entire series, the upcoming DISC assessment is a wonderful exercise that can greatly benefit you both professionally and personally.  

Self-Awareness (DISC+ Assessment) | September 18 

The first person a leader must effectively lead is themselves. A crucial element to self-leadership is self-awareness. Leadership assessments are a great way to assess and diagnose where an individual leader is in their leadership journey, so goals, communications styles, and motivators are all leveraged to their full effectiveness in a leader understanding their current strengths and blind spots. 

Ethics & Values | October 2 

For a leader to understand themselves fully is to understand how they live their core values. What is the foundation of the individual leader that dictates the decisions they make through the lens of their ethics and values. This session will also explore the true meaning of motivation and why it is crucial for every individual leader to understand they alone control the choice of how they show up each and every day. 

Attitudes & Behaviors | November 6 

What we believe and what we think, we do. What we do drives desired results. So if new results are needed, then new behaviors and new attitudes are a must as well. Understanding the connection between a leader’s attitudes and behaviors is crucial for their leadership success. Being in tune with their own personal attitudes and behaviors will then reflect how they show up to lead others. 

Goal Planning & Time Management | December 4 

Each year we take the time to set goals for our business; formally and informally. During this session, we will make the goal planning process simple to implement and follow up on throughout the year – as well as inside the day with beneficial tools that bring efficiency to your process. 

The world offers a plethora of educational opportunities, which can feel overwhelming. Allow us to simplify the options for you. Personally, I lean towards in-person learning, though I’m gradually embracing podcasts (big shout-out to the new NACC Podcast!). The array of mediums available can indeed be overwhelming. At NACC, we provide trusted and vetted speakers, along with in-person interactions, enabling you to invest both in yourself and your business. 

Consider us your go-to resource. Join us in this learning journey, so that collectively, we can sustain and expand our remarkable community. 

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