Engaging Your Alumni

As business professionals, we all have some form of frequent customers. Whether it be people who come into our place of business every day, those who share their feedback regularly, or who engage consistently with your company/oragnization in another way. I bet right now you can think of at least three current customers who are “high-touch” clients. 

Now, here’s my question.

Five years ago, what names would be on that list? Would they be the same or different? Then, one step further – how are you engaging those people from five years ago? It’s easy to focus on the present, but it’s important to keep the history of your business in mind so you can tap into those loyal clients, customers, or followers. You may not hear from them as frequently, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t still a champion of your business or organization. 

I’ll share a personal example from the NACC. We are currently working on ways to engage prior Members that served on our Board of Directors. Our Board changes over time, and while current Board engagement and recruitment are important to stay fresh and relevant, we would argue so is maintaining and growing the relationships of our Board alumni. 

I don’t have the answer to how to do this best for every business. I did, however, think it was necessary to share what’s on my mind so we can all reflect on this idea and discuss it together.

Let’s continue to engage.  


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