Allow Me to Introduce Myself, Sarah Catarozzoli Andrusyna

My name is Sarah Catarozzoli Andrusyna (Cat-urr-ah-zole-ee And-roo-sin nah) and I am thrilled to be a part of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, as the Director of Membership! It’s my job to make sure you are using your Membership to its fullest potential. Let’s meet up to learn more about you; contact me at

Born and raised in rural Wisconsin, I learned quickly how to make my own fun and that usually involved forming meaningful relationships by connecting people. From two separate Wisconsin state universities, I earned degrees in Cultural Anthropology and in Hospitality, Tourism & Restaurant Management, with the full intent on working with a diverse population. What can I say, I LOVE people and find them fascinating!  I initially wanted to work in museums, but my inherent wanderlust guided me to the hotel and tourism industry instead. Plus, I was incredibly interested in why people travel and what they did once they got where they were going. I wanted to know what they enjoyed (and what they did not), where they ate, which sites they visited, how they got to and from, why they selected their accommodations – all the intricacies behind the behaviors so that I could tailor their hotel stay experience to their inclinations. I found that accommodating their needs also allowed me to hear their diverse stories, which fulfilled my need for human connections.

I am a newlywed who lives in Downers Grove with our two cats and one dog. My husband, Tom (a psychologist) and I married in our Chicago apartment last year ONE hour prior to shelter in place. We are aware that our 1-year quarantinaversary is coming up because it happens to be the exact same date as our wedding! We both feel so fortunate to have met and look forward to a bright beautiful future together. Together, we enjoy traveling – we took our honeymoon to Maui last November – binge-watching Netflix and movies, reading, and cooking.  Personally, I like to cross-stitch, organize, bake and garden.  Since moving to the suburbs, I am extremely interested in building community with our neighbors and getting to know our new area.  

Coming from a broad hospitality background – I’ve worked in Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York among other locations. I am most excited for the chance to serve YOU, our Members, using a customer-centric approach. Relationship-building, listening to feedback, brainstorming, and generating creative ideas drive me forward.  My hope is to get to know you and your businesses very closely and learn how I, through the Chamber community, can best help move your Business Forward.

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