Both Community and Economic Development are Vital to Our Success

Community and economic development in lock step has resulted in Naperville being ranked nationally as a top place to live, work, play and raise families.  The Illinois Department of Revenue recently released statistics showing Naperville continuing to be ranked top in retail sales in the Chicago Metropolitan suburbs.  In addition, they have been in a top spot for restaurant and bar sales, car sales, grocery stores and home improvement stores sales for several years.  Click herefor more details of the success of our retailers.  In addition,  a bill passed this legislative session (SB690) require on-line retailers to pay state and local sales tax will further build on Naperville’s strong tax based.   NACC celebrates this success because tax revenues generated from these sales provide the bedrock for our vibrant community.

This success, however, does not happen by accident.  It takes our city council being open to re-examining city ordinances to ensure our existing local businesses can operate with greater success while keenly protecting the interests of our community residents.  Click here for more details on a recent city council vote to adjust the city code to allow tattooing and microblading to support a growing market for these services.

The NACC works closely with our local elected officials, city staff, the Naperville Development Partnership and other groups to provide a fertile environment to attract businesses who are looking to invest in the Naperville area. However, we need to underscore that a desirable community life is a key determinate for larger corporations in choosing where to relocate. This is where our great schools, city services, engaged residents, recreational opportunities, etc. play a vital role in our success.  The City of Naperville is in the process of gleaning public input into its revised comprehensive master plan for development.  Click here for more information on how to get involved in this process of creating a collective voice (both businesses and residents) for future development in Naperville.

When looking at community and economic development, maintaining the status quo is rarely an option – either a community moves itself forward or by default moves backward. Maintaining a strong community while supporting business growth will position us for sustained success.   #NACCBusinessWorks

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