Business Giving Back – The Underpinning of a Strong Community

Reading a recent U. S. Chamber article about the impact of local businesses on the big comeback of Detroit, host city of the national Democratic Debate last week, I was reminded once again how business success means major wins for their local communities.  From General Motors compost collection program to cultivate urban gardens throughout the city to the Ford Motor Foundation’s pledge of $125 million to combat Detroit’s bankruptcy challenges, the business community played a key role in Detroit’s recovery from bankruptcy a decade ago.  Click Here for to the full article.  In fact, according to Charity Navigator, corporate giving reached in $20.77 billion in overall giving in 2017 alone.

The same generosity can be seen in our local community as well.  I am inspired by our local business members who give back to our local non-profits.   Go to any non-profit agency’s website or review list of donors at their fundraising events and you will invariably find many our local businesses listed.  Corporate social responsibility has become a core value of many companies. In addition to sponsorships, many businesses match employee giving to their favorite charity and engage in business-wide volunteerism to help charities complete major projects.

Whether through corporate sponsorship or through a corporation’s foundation, the business community provides the underpinning to strengthen our community. NACC actively advocates on behalf of our businesses to ensure they can thrive in the best climate possible.  When businesses thrive, the local community thrives.

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