Get Engaged & Try Something New

In the past months, we have worked to responsibly ramp up in-person events so as to give Members new and greater opportunities to engage one another. In many of the events that I have attended, I’ve been welcomed by friendly and familiar faces, but I’ve also been very happy to see a set of fresh faces at each event. While I love catching up with Chamber Members I’ve known for many years, I also love to see all of our new Members participate. For the business community and the NACC, it means more people are taking advantage of their membership and truly engaging within our community.

As we continue to look for new opportunities to engage with our membership, we are planning new and exciting programs every week. From the successful Women in Business Chip & Sip that recently occurred or the Young Professionals Networking events they host monthly – Chamber programs and events are a great way to connect with old friends and expand the radius of your network. Meeting new people can be daunting, but know that by welcoming new members and engaging with people other than “the usual suspects” your business has an opportunity to reach more people and have a wider impact.

As summer winds to a close, I would encourage you to find a program or event that you feel comfortable attending and DIVE IN! Meet new members, new colleagues, and maybe even develop new friends. Every program or event you attend is an investment in yourself, your business, and your community.

As I meet new Members at every turn, I’m encouraged by all of these business owners and business leaders daring to build their network. Whether it is in person, one of our hybrid events, or our virtual programming – there are many ways to engage with new faces.

Come out, get engaged, and try something new – the results may surprise you.

Business Forward,


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