COVID-19 Impact Survey

The NACC actively advocates on behalf of the business community.  Our collective voice is both coveted and influential in shaping policy at the local, state and federal level. 

From the early days of the COVID-19 crisis many elected officials reached out to us wanting to know the needs of our Chamber Members.  We were able to recount their stories, putting names and faces with the statistics and provide elected officials with first-hand data and suggested solutions.  

As elected officials continue to draft legislation to support our recovery from COVID-19, we are resolute in giving them the most accurate and real-time data as possible to ensure needed resources are best invested to support a swift economic recovery. 

In order for us to reach our intended goal, we need to take a continuous pulse of needs from our business community.

Please take the time to complete our quick COVID-19 Survey to help us to ensure the needs of our business community are clearly understood by our elected officials and other community leaders. Furthermore, this survey will help guide our virtual programming to ensure the NACC is providing targeted resources to support your business.

Access our COVID-19 Survey here

* Please note, survey results are private and will not be shared with third-party entities.

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