Early Voting & Your Ballot

Early voting for the November Midterm elections started on September 29th this year. The NACC encourages you to take time to review exactly who and what will be on your ballot before you cast your vote. One item Illinois voters will weigh in on this November is a proposed change to the Illinois Constitution.

What You Need to Know: A constitutional amendment must receive 60% of the vote to pass. Whether you are voting for or against this or any amendment, and often times the names of these initiatives can seem misleading.

Billed as the Worker’s Rights Amendment, voters will be asked if they wish to establish a constitutional right for employees to organize and bargain collectively and to negotiate pay, hours, and working conditions among other criteria. Labor unions support the amendment saying this will protect workers, provide consistent bumps in income, and provide job security.

Business groups like the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and the Illinois Manufacturers Association (IMA) have expressed their opposition to the amendment saying that it simply isn’t necessary as there are already measures in place that protect workers.  Additionally, the Illinois Chamber and IMA say the measure wouldn’t provide the gains in income and job security promised workers, in fact, it would give more power to unions. 

This is not meant as an all-inclusive article on the pros and cons of the amendment. Take some time to research the issue for yourself.  An additional resource regarding this is:

Your vote matters, please get out and vote.  How to register to vote, and information on early voting can be found at:  www.naperville.il.us/government/voting-and-voter-registration/

Please reach out for any additional information or to discuss any advocacy matters that impact to your business.

Your Advocate –

Beth Goncher


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