Giving and Getting Discounts

“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping,” said Bo Derek. She has a point – shopping the Chamber can be incredibly rewarding and economical, too. As a Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Member, one of the perks of Membership is giving and getting discounts – savings on items or services that may benefit you or your business.

Back-to-School means that now is an opportune time to highlight how Chamber discounts and business discounts that you offer your fellow Members might help save or make you money.

Many Chamber benefits originate in the Member Info Hub; providing and shopping Member-to-Member Discounts is no exception. As a business, you are encouraged to post your available discounts using the “Member-to-Member Offers” menu tab in your Member Info Hub. There, you will “Add” an offer by inputting the details of your discount, including a promo code, if you like. To maximize your visibility and usage, include your business logo with your discount offer. Additionally, it is helpful to include a publish end date so that consumers are aware they have a limited amount of time to take advantage of your offer.

Special Offers & Discounts follow the same process as Member-to-Member Discounts, as outlined above.

Another useful tip: for both the Member-to-Member Discounts, as well as the Special Offers & Discounts, you have the option to subscribe to email notifications to keep you informed of new deals. This option is at the top of each respective webpage listed as “Subscribe to receive Member-to-Member Offers notifications!” That way, you will never miss another NACC deal. 

Apart from the discounts that Member businesses offer one another, the Chamber itself also offers discounted Member pricing for NACC events. By being an active Member of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, you receive Chamber Member (read: reduced) pricing on many of our programs and events so please be sure to select “Chamber Member” when signing up for programs and events and include all of your relevant details such as name, email address, and business name.

Maybe money doesn’t buy you happiness, but there is some happiness in saving money! 

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