Let’s Talk Professional Development

It is easy to fall into the routine of keeping the status quo when it comes to working. You can go in, address the task at hand, and move on. It is easy to fill your days with busyness but being busy doesn’t equate to being productive. And being busy surely doesn’t mean better. 

One way we can all continue to grow in our work is by investing in our professional development. I believe continued individual professional development is incredibly important to the success of our overall business community. I’m not alone. Nearly every profession which requires a certification (think- health professionals, legal, education) all requires continued learning education credits on an annual basis. 

This leads me to a couple of thoughts on my mind this month… 

  1. Those of you who have required continuing education credits – are you choosing the easy ones to check off the box? Are you pushing yourself to make this opportunity one where you truly learn and grow?
  2. Many jobs and professions do not require continuing education. I believe they should. What are you doing to advocate for or create this in your space? As a business owner, are you providing opportunities and encouragement for the continued development of your staff and teams? As an employee are you seeking out ways to develop professionally? 

Iron sharpens iron, and by seeking best practices outside of your immediate workplace, you continue to grow and enhance your workplace. 

I speak from experience as I am so grateful to have just returned from nearly a week in Madison, Wisconsin at the U.S. Chamber’s Institute for Organization Management Program. This is a four-session program meant to challenge and develop Chamber of Commerce leaders.  Participation in this program was invaluable to me. Not only did I walk away with lessons on how to grow myself and the NACC, but I was also able to connect with many peers from across the country. Sometimes we don’t need to reinvent the wheel, we can simply take the knowledge and experience of one of our peers to spark new ideas in our own framework. 

While we all can’t take big chunks of time from our places of work, the NACC continues to bring professional development opportunities directly to you. We bring these to you at affordable Member rates so that your business doesn’t have to pay a higher out-of-pocket price for such beneficial opportunities. 

Let me quickly highlight a handful of the professional development programming we offer at the NACC: 

Leadership Institute

This 4-month program (Sept-Dec) is led by professors and certified career coaches. Each first Tuesday of the month, educators tailor the principles of leadership into real-world scenarios that benefit individuals in any business sector.    

Find out more and register here

Business Power Hour Series

This monthly program produced by members of our Speakers Bureau offers-up professional development for all businesses as subject matter touches those key areas of interest that all Members crave knowledge on; for example: business development, communication skills, health and wellness, sales, marketing, and more. This is a complimentary program with your NACC Membership and includes a continental breakfast. I feel a shameless plug is necessary for next week’s program that I would imagine encourages professional development – “Talent Management in 2022 – Find Them, Get Them, Keep Them”.

Find out more and register here

Leadership Naperville!

This series is specifically designed to transform talented business professionals into engaged community leaders. We have assembled Naperville’s influencers and public officials over the course of 6 weeks so you can hear Naperville’s history, engage in face-to-face conversations with prominent community business leaders, and explore economic development in the community. Participants meet Mayor Chirico as well as members of the local government, receive Chief guided tours of the Police and Fire Departments, and learn how to become a voice for volunteer engagement.  

Register here

Lunch with a Leader

This monthly series, limited seating, in-person event, highlights one local Community Leader/Influencer in a casual, friendly, sit-down atmosphere. Held in a private room at Sullivan’s Steakhouse, both NACC and community members are given the opportunity to interact and ask questions to those that Naperville owes its past and present to, and during this lunch, perhaps share ideas on its future as well. 

Register for this month’s lunch here

Digital Marketing Bootcamp  

Our annual Digital Marketing Bootcamp assembles experts across digital marketing in a 4-week series designed to level UP your marketing knowledge. This is an interactive program with Q & A. Participants may register for all 4-sessions or chose individual weeks. 

Find out more and register here

Consider joining TEAMs or a Committee as you look to meet more professionals, grow as a business, as well as develop leadership skills.  

Learn about TEAMs here

Learn about Committees here

These are just a few of the professional development opportunities we have that you can engage with immediately. More opportunities await – always stay in touch with our programming calendar as it fills with great new and improved subjects that will develop you professionally and personally. 

We believe investing in you is investing in our business community and we look forward to partnering with you as you continue to work towards success.  

Business Forward, 


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