Love, Leaps & Success

As we leap into February, we gain an extra day. One extra day which can help set your goals on fire, allow you to close that next big deal, or finish that lingering project.
We have an extra day – maybe it’s the day you use to build your success and spread some love in February.

With the Chamber in mind, one way you can build a successful February is to start working on a plan to maximize your Chamber membership. If you don’t know where to start – I do.
We recently hired Danielle Blake as our Member Engagement Coordinator. Her job is to meet with Members to better understand your needs and to learn where the Chamber can help you build – grow – engage – and influence inside our community.  Here at the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, we want to be your best business resource. We look at ourselves as a member of your team – here to help you reach your professional goals. You can help other businesses reach their professional goals as well.

You’ve heard of the Golden Rule – “do unto others’ as you would have them done unto you.” Here are some ways you can make February “golden” and help spread the “love” this month as well:

  • Follow, Comment and Like Chamber Businesses on Social Media
  • Leave a Google or Yelp Review for a Business that did an exceptional job
  • Give a referral to a Chamber colleague – word of mouth referrals are always the best
  • Shop Chamber, Shop Local – support local jobs and the local economy

When you spread the love and follow the “Golden Rule”, the return on investment is enormous. You spread goodwill and you will get the same in return for you and your business.

Let’s leap into this month together and start by remembering why you love your business and this community! 

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