MAY we discuss “brand exposure” through the NACC?

Are you looking to get your brand image across to consumers looking for your goods or services?

Of course you are! 

Although brand exposure may prove difficult to track, businesses of all sizes should aim to get their brand, name, and image out there. The consumer recognition that comes from brand exposure helps drive business to your company and is an integral part of a successful marketing plan.

With your Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Membership, May is the perfect time to explore the Brand Exposure opportunities offered by the Chamber – one of the many reasons businesses join the NACC in the first place. 

Brand exposure – in the form of advertising, sponsored programming, event sponsorships, and even through press releases – is abundant through the NACC and co-branding alongside us is a smart business move. An estimated 63% of consumers prefer to do business with Chamber members, so the first step in exposing your brand is to add our “Proud Member of NACC” logo and link to your homepage.  This makes your business stand out and helps make you more searchable.  Reach out to me at if you need the link and/or logo sent to you.

Advertising opportunities all boost brand awareness and the NACC has many options, including the banner ads you see in The Current, Chambertisements, the NACC website through leaderboard ads and blog page ads, and the very valuable “Website Leaderboard Ad”, which delivers your message and brand across every page of the Chamber website.  These advertisements increase your awareness amongst the 1,100+ Chamber businesses and 6,500 individuals who consider themselves Chamber Members – and – inside the Naperville community.  Select advertising opportunities are 20% off now through July 1, 2021, so please see our advertising page for more details.

Sponsorship of programs is yet another way to increase your business’s brand exposure. Through the NACC, we offer opportunities to sponsor our various committees as well as programs like ‘Business After Hours’ (projecting to make an in-person comeback later in 2021!), #TipTuesday, virtual programming, and sponsored social media posts. All of these options help promote your brand and boost awareness amongst local business leaders and beyond.

Apart from adding the ‘proud member’ logo to your homepage and the paid opportunities to advertise and sponsor, the automatic exposure by being a NACC Member and having your business published in our annual Business & Community Resource Guide is valuable in getting your brand recognized. By being a Chamber Member, your business is designated as credible, trustworthy and visible. We see you, we continue to promote you, and we value your brand…MAY we please help you get the exposure and recognition you deserve?

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