Massi Fazel

Financial Advisor

When my father was a child, he dreamed of having a pencil and a notebook for school. His father died days before his birth, so even as a child, my father worked hard and dreamed of finishing school and getting a better job. As he grew older and started his own family, the dream changed. Now he envisioned a better life for my mother, for me, and for my siblings. My father’s hard work and sacrifice paved the way for my dreams: an advanced degree and a life in the United States.

It’s fitting that after all of that hope and hard work, as a financial advisor with Edward Jones, I now work in the business of dreams. Looking back on my childhood, I know that had my father invested his money rather than saved it, he would have had an easier time supporting his family, and my clients are no different. We’re all working toward something, whether it’s a college fund, retirement, starting a family, or a business. Because no two of my client’s goals are alike, I don’t believe their portfolios should be either, which is why I partner with my investors and use their feedback to create custom portfolios for each of them.

My St. Charles office serves a diverse set of clients from across Chicagoland and many from the western suburbs, especially St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, and Naperville. I am passionate about offering my clients the best possible service, which is why I’m a lifelong learner when it comes to finance. I hold an MBA degree from Missouri S&T and a master’s degree in business analytics from Texas A&M.

On a personal note, I met my husband when I was pursuing my bachelor’s degree in political science. We moved to the United States in 2010, and my husband is now a professor at Northern Illinois University. Our daughter, Perrine, was born in September 2019, and we love watching her grow into a strong woman, as her first name suggests. She is smart like her dad and positive and persistent like her mom. As a family, we love to travel and try different foods.