The Hari Group

Raj Patel


Raj serves as the President of The Hari Group, a franchise and real estate development company, based in Naperville. Raj has always known that he did not belong behind a desk and made it his life goal to never do so. He found his calling when he co-founded The Hari Group. Since then, he has actively pushed to change the infrastructure of his local area, by not only opening new restaurants, but also working on developing real estate within the community. Currently, Raj serves on the Board of Trustees for North Central College, and on the board of the Naperville Heritage Society. He was also recognized by the Franchise Times, naming him a Dealmaker of the Year and QSR Magazine as a Young Leader to Watch in the franchise world. For his brand work, Raj is on the Board Advisory Committee for Dunkin’ and is on the Development, Menu Management, and Remodel Subcommittee.