NACC is YOUR Advocate

With Midterms upon us, government and politics are on the brain. This month, I want to highlight a very uniquely Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce opportunity – one that Chamber Members cannot find just anywhere – in the form of Government Advocacy.

The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to have a full-time Director of Government Affairs, Beth Goncher. Beth is a conduit between the NACC business community and local, state, and federal government policy, heavily focused on international trade.  Beth’s work is also showcased with a recurring blog in Positively Naperville.  Beth’s attendance at local Naperville City Council meetings and staying in tune with the word from Springfield, helps her bring these impactful updates back to the NACC Membership for review by Business Works Committee.

The Business Works Committee thoroughly reviews policies and decides on whether to take a position. From there, they determine how to advocate and then place the policy in front of the full NACC Board of Directors for final approval. This committee serves to unify the NACC Members’ voices and then this unified message is delivered to elected officials in hopes of impacting their voting to best support the interests of the NACC business community, namely – the Members of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Additionally, the Business Works Committee puts on programs throughout the year that zero in on policy that will spur economic growth, create waves inside the business community, or provide prosperity for our membership.  These events strive to put NACC Members directly in touch with key elected officials to discuss important and impactful bills.   

All of these advocacy efforts are included with your NACC Membership; it is how the NACC serves as Your Advocate in Our Community.

If you are interested in learning more or potentially joining Business Works Committee, please reach out to Beth Goncher. Certain Membership levels qualify for a more in-depth one-on-one consultation with our Director of Government Affairs. If you think that maybe you, please reach out to Sarah Catarozzoli Andrusyna to facilitate the use of this Member benefit.

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