Welcome to the New Year, the New Fiscal Year that Is.

On July 1 NACC entered Fiscal Year 2021. While this notation is mostly financial and administrative, it does mark the start of something new for the Chamber.

July 1, 2020, began the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce’s new Strategic Plan. This is our rubric for you, our Members, and the community to hold us to. This is our three-year vision.

We have created an impact statement to remind us of our objectives.

“Moving Business Forward towards an engaged, thriving community by being Your Advocate and Your Resource for Our Community.”

YOU have been and remain our focus. I want your business to know that we are here behind you, cheering you on towards success. 

Think of NACC as your teammate. If you have a question or need something, think of NACC as your resource – we will have the answer or find it for you. If you need someone to be your champion, we are your advocate in the city council’s chambers, in Springfield and in Washington D.C. 

We do all of this for OUR community. Our NACC membership and our larger Business Community. We are your voice, your teammate, and your champion.

In addition, we have established “Pillars of Excellence” that serve as a foundation for action over the next three years.  These will be displayed in our offices and live on our website for the community to identify easily.

The Pillars of Excellence will guide our actions by:

Providing resources, advancing advocacy, engaging the broader community, ensuring stability and growth, as well as building our chamber community – we are able to excel as stewards of business and change inside and around Naperville.

I want to give a huge thank you to the Strategic Plan Task Force for helping guide the planning of this important part of our Chamber’s future.

Ian Holzhauer, Chairman of the NACC Board of Directors

Anita Knotts, Strategic Plan Task Force Liaison to the NACC Board of Directors

AdreAnne Tesene 

Arthur Zards

Jessica Hall

Marcia Straub

Mark Galati

Mike Havala

Nicole Comis

Reba Osborne 

This group met more than a dozen times to evaluate the prior strategic plan and come up with a three-year vision for growth. This new Impact Statement together with our Pillars of Excellence will guide how we serve our Members and our community.

With strong tools for our new year – I look forward to continuing to help you move your Business Forward. – Kaylin

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