Stay with Us.

We know these times have been hard.

More than hard.

We are all being challenged emotionally, mentally, financially…

We’ve faced differing opinions, fear, and more obstacles than any of us planned for. We’ve also witnessed kindness, strength, solidarity and an uprising of amazing community pride.   

And, your Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce has been there with you every step of the way.   

During this time of uncertainty, we’ve been a reliable, trusted source for information, delivering you access to leaders and decision makers, convening industries to ask questions and secure guidance to opening and operating safely.

We’ve hosted an unmatched virtual program series connecting you with thought leaders and experts to help guide you as you pivot your business again and again.

We’ve been a champion for business, advocating for you on federal, state and local legislation. And, we serve as the catalyst for action – sharing tons of information on how to support all of you, our businesses, doing what we can to stop fear from getting in the way of commerce.   

We’ll continue to be here with you for every step as we move forward, safely and responsibly.   We won’t stop working for business or for the Naperville area. We have a long history of doing just that.

We ask that you also stay with us. Your investment in the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce is what allows us to do all the important work we’re delivering. You can read about how we haven’t stopped envisioning a positive future in our newly announced Strategic Plan & Pillars of Excellence, and then let us know more about you by scheduling a meeting with me through Calendly here.  

Sincerely Yours,

Jessica Hall

Director, Membership

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