Stop Paying Lip Service to Organization Values

One of the many positive outcomes from reading or listening to great book, it frequently triggers self- reflection or action. As I make my way through, Dare to Lead, I’m reminded about the importance of living organizational values versus just paying lip service to them.  Clear values within an organization builds trust. I think we can all agree that an organization without trust leads to a weak, toxic culture. So, I had to ask myself, “Does my team know our values? Do they understand them? Do they know what it means to live them?” After some reflection, my answer, sadly was “Probably not.”

I must admit that as a leader, I feel I’ve failed my team and organization when realizing our values had been put on the shelf.  But through reading or in my case, listening, it triggered action along with an opportunity to connect with my team and have a discussion around our values to see if they feel the same. Living organization values matter, and here’s why:

Clarity– If your team isn’t clear on what the organization stands for and how to deal with customers, colleagues, etc., culture is shot and trust is out the door, likely along with quality team members.

Guiding light– Your values play in to every aspect of your business. How you hire, how you evaluate performance, how you make decisions. Values are the anchor of an organization.

People– When values are clear it becomes the attitude of the organization. This secures the commitment to everyone involved.

Connection– Living values serves as a connector. When we realize that we believe, agree and live the same values, we become connected and ready to serve one another as well as customers. It’s powerful. 

It starts with me– If I’m going to expect my team to live our values, it must start with me. I need to embody them and show up with them every day. It must also be reflected in my conversations and actions. If I can’t live it, I can’t expect others to live it.

So how about you? Are you and your organization living your values or simply paying lip service?

Make it a great day,

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