Thank You for the Warm Welcome

I wanted to extend my sincerest thank you to all of those who have reached out with kind words welcoming me to the position and the chamber.

I believe gratitude is extremely important, not just in life, but in business as well. A thank you – said in person, sent by email, or sent in a handwritten card – can go a long way to make a lasting impression. So many of you have asked how you can help me, but it’s my job to help YOU. I am still learning how I can best do that – help move your Business Forward.

That said, I know your time is valuable, but I am asking for some of it. I want to know what makes your business tick. I want to know what issues your business is facing and how the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce can help. If we can’t help yet, let’s work to create something to help give you and your business what you need to succeed.

​I hosted my first Coffee and Conversation last week, this is a free event for our members where you can join with other members as we sit and talk through some great topics. I will be hosting these free events once a month, with the next one being held on Tuesday, November 26. This gives you a chance to meet me, but more importantly, it gives me a chance to chat with you. This is a great way to show to you, our Members, that I mean it when I say ‘I have an open-door policy’.

Send me an email, let’s meet up. My office is located downtown and I would love to show you the space and share some of my ideas with you. Nicki Anderson did a fantastic job building a wonderful ramp for us, it is up to us to build the car to race off the ramp and take the NACC to new heights.

A sincere thank you.

I look forward to connecting and helping you move your Business Forward.


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