The Importance of Voting in the Consolidated Election

It seems like it was just yesterday that Illinois voters headed to the polls to vote in the mid-term elections.  And, oftentimes, when we think elections, we think about our State and Federal candidates for office. However, the Consolidated Election is one of the most important elections in which to cast your ballot. If you’re not aware of it already, don’t worry.  This is not on the radar of most people— but it should be!

Naperville nonpartisan elections affect our daily lives through our local school board, park district, library board, city council, and more.  This year, the election is on April 4th.  And, with early voting and voting by mail, there are so many opportunities to cast your ballot.  This is your chance to educate yourself on the candidates and the issues, get involved and engaged.  Who we elect locally impacts our property tax bills, local ordinances, and other policy.  Your engagement is crucial as these elections have historically low turnouts. In fact, most local elections are decided by only a few votes.

So, how do you get to meet the candidates?

Look beyond the mail and robocalls. Many hard-working candidates will be out in the frigid cold going door to door to meet you.  You may be busy, but this is a great opportunity to answer the door and talk.  There are also a number of different organizations hosting candidate forums over the next few months -the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Candidate Forum on February 22nd with Naperville city council and mayoral candidates.  And, a great many of our local candidates already have some great websites up and running to dive into.

The Consolidated Election is one of the most important, yet most underperforming elections.  The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce recognizes its importance and that of getting out to vote. Please join us in spreading the word.

Interested in viewing your sample ballot?  Go to the County of DuPage’s website at:

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