Vote No on the Workers’ Rights Amendment

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the Workers’ Rights Amendment. Many of our Members have been curious to know where the NACC stands regarding the constitutional amendment that will appear on our ballots. 

For some background: The Workers’ Rights Amendment will ask voters if they wish to establish a constitutional right for employees to organize and bargain collectively and to negotiate pay, hours, and working conditions among other criteria. Labor unions support the amendment saying this will protect workers, provide consistent bumps in income and provide job security.

The Illinois Chamber of Commerce, the Illinois Manufacturers Association, and other business groups oppose the amendment, saying that it simply isn’t necessary as there are already federal and state measures in place that protect workers.  Additionally, they say the measure wouldn’t provide the gains in income and job security promised to workers, in fact, it would give more power to unions. 

The NACC’s Business Works Committee along with the NACC Board of Directors followed suit and announced our opposition to the amendment. The full statement can be seen here:   

The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce joins the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and the Illinois Manufacturers Association in opposing the proposed amendment to the Illinois Constitution referred to as the Workers’ Rights Amendment. Federal and state laws already in place protect the rights of workers and their ability to unionize.  We believe the proposed amendment will be detrimental to the average worker and ultimately to the many businesses the NACC represents. We applaud the dedication the proponents of the amendment have in protecting the rights and benefits of workers. To that end, we would consider supporting a constitutional amendment that would provide much-needed reforms to our failing pension systems. An issue that continues to increase the financial burden of the individual and our business community.

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