I am sure I am not alone when I say that I am so ready to usher 2020 out the door and welcome in a new and hopefully much brighter year.  The NACC has had to pivot in more ways than one and my conversations with Members had changed drastically over this year.  I have had to go from convincing people that face-to-face interactions and networking are key to build your business network, to telling people not to be afraid to network virtually.  We all sorely miss having those face-to-face interactions, and the staff here at the Chamber misses seeing all of your smiling faces in person.

Here are some things that have not changed over this year…

We are HERE for your business.  Every single one of the 11 of us on staff is always here to listen, support, and provide resources for your business.  You are always our number one priority and we are SO thankful for all of your continued support.  We don’t want you ever to feel disconnected.  Reach out to one of us.  We are still providing countless opportunities to connect with your peers virtually and as soon as we are able, in person.

We are working harder than ever to support the business community in Naperville and the surrounding areas.  While sometimes it may seem that we aren’t moving on a certain hot button issue, I assure you that we hear you and we are working tirelessly behind the scenes for solutions and we value your feedback.

We remain a Not-For-Profit that is fully funded by your membership.  If it was not for the generous support of all of your businesses, we would not be able to continue to provide the resources that keep the business community thriving in Naperville.  Your membership dues to our 501c6 organization remain a tax deduction as a trade or business expense on your taxes.  If you would like to learn how to make an extra donation that could potentially help a less fortunate business cover their membership with the NACC during this holiday season, please reach out to me to learn more about our Pay it Forward Program.

Bring on 2021!

As always, you can reach out to me at any time Jedwards@naperville.net or you can schedule time for an appointment on my calendar here.

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