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Early Voting & Your Ballot

Early voting for the November Midterm elections started on September 29th this year. The NACC encourages you to take time to review exactly who and what will be on your ballot before you cast your vote. One item Illinois voters will weigh in on this November is a proposed change to the Illinois Constitution. What You NeedContinue reading

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Responsible Bidder Process Should Not Exclude Non-Union Companies

The NACC Business Works Committee voted to oppose a requirement in the local “responsible bidder process” (RBP) that would exclude non-union companies and their sub-contractors from bidding on capital projects in Naperville. Should this requirement be included in the “responsible bidder process” City of Naperville ordinance, all companies who bid on local capital projects andContinue reading

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Recap of the Small Business Owners Roundtable Listening Tour & Policy Discussion

One of the highlights of my month was attending the NACC’s Small Business Owners Roundtable – Small Business Listening Tour workshop and policy discussion on July 27th with Elliot Richardson, President and Co-Founder of the Small Business Advocacy Council of Illinois (SBACIL). The SBACIL advocates for the interest of small businesses in Springfield.  Elliot hadContinue reading

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Quarterly Update | July 2022

Quarterly Update | July 2022 Local Advocacy Work We’re Watching Resources Partnership Spotlight Current Advocacy Work Local Opposition to the Requirement of Government Capital Contract Bidders and their Subcontractors to be Unionized Companies The NACC Business Works Committee voted to oppose a requirement in the local “responsible bidder process” which would exclude non-union companies andContinue reading

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NACC at City Council: Working to Protect Private Property Owner Rights

The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce once again acting as Your Advocate spoke at Naperville City Council in late June. We spoke to encourage the City Council to be strategic and refresh their current landmark ordinance.  “Landmark Status” refers to a building or plot of land that has been designated by the government as havingContinue reading

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3 Ways to Make Your Voice Heard in June

The month of June offers an opportunity to really engage legislators locally as well as make an impact by using your voice. I’m asking Members this month to do 3 important things below: Your Presence Matters! Join us at the End of Session Re-Cap where you can learn from our local state legislators what billsContinue reading

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Illinois General Assembly Re-Cap

The Illinois General Assembly adjourned well after midnight, on Friday, April 8th, ending a very abbreviated session.  As you recall, several weeks of sessions were canceled in January/early February due to the rise in COVID-omicron variant cases.  Normally the session ends in late May, but the session was shortened to allow elected officials in theContinue reading

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Harnessing the Older Workforce

By 2030, the U.S. Census Bureau projects that one in every five residents will be older than age 65.  This means we are fortunate to be living longer and enjoying more healthy lifestyles.  These factors contribute to creating a significant pool of older workers looking to find their “next act” of employment. Today, employers remainContinue reading

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NACC Government Affairs First Quarter Update

Quarterly Update | March 2022 Local Advocacy Work State and Federal We’re Watching The NACC Meets In Springfield Current Advocacy Work Local Permitting of Food Trucks/Mobile Vendors on Private Property At the January 4th, 2022, Naperville City council meeting, members of the Council members requested input from our NACC as to the impact of foodContinue reading

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Making Your Voice Heard in Springfield

There are many ways that we as a Chamber influence legislation in Springfield.  For example, we have personal meetings with area legislators and their staff, we work in partnership with other associations and chamber groups in joint advocacy efforts such as sign-on letters to key leaders in the General Assembly, and we take visits toContinue reading