Naperville Area Chamber Of Commerce Announces New CEO

Board of Directors unanimously votes Kaylin Risvold in as President and CEO of the NACC

The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce (NACC) is pleased to announce Kaylin Risvold will assume the role as its new President and CEO effective October 24, 2019. After nearly two years of work to hone the process to fill this important role in the Naperville business community, and after a three-month search process, the CEO Selection Task Force could not deny the lasting impression left by Ms. Risvold. Her infectious personality, notable advocacy experience, and passion for leadership will enrich the signature Business Forward momentum for which the NACC is known.

“The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce is a name that carries weight and importance,” Kaylin Risvold said. “I want to come in and amplify the great work the Chamber is already doing.”

Risvold brings a Masters in Leadership and a diverse background of experience to the NACC. She

spent the past five and half years at the Alzheimer’s Association Illinois Chapter, most recently as the Director of Media Strategy. Kaylin has extensive experience working, advocating, and volunteering in the nonprofit sector. In addition, Risvold spent time as a television morning news anchor, reporter and producer in Missouri, South Carolina, and Oregon. “I intend to use my training as a journalist to ask the hard questions and my skills in leadership to guide us as we deliberate the answers.” Risvold said.

The Board of Directors believes its decision to appoint Ms. Risvold as CEO will make a bold statement to its Members and speaks to the future it sees for the NACC with Risvold at the helm. “Kaylin proved herself to be a leader of exceptional character, poise, and wisdom,” said Incoming Board Chair and CEO Selection Task Force Chair Ian Holzhauer. “We are confident her bold strategic thinking will ensure that our 1,200-member Chamber family thrives over the next decade, even as chambers across the country face headwinds.”

Nicki Anderson, current President and CEO of the NACC, has left an indelible mark over her past five years. Under Anderson’s leadership, the organization has enhanced engagement and grown the Young Professionals Network. The NACC also went through a complete rebranding to increase its relevancy in the community. Additionally, she led the organization through a capital campaign to raise $250,000 to fund technological advancements including a new website. Anderson believes in change and states, “I am confident the changes Kaylin and her team pursue will be relevant and timely. I encourage our Members and our community to embrace this exciting time and surround them with support.”

When asked of a vision for the NACC Risvold said, “I want the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce to be a leader not only in this community, but nationwide. I want Members to trust our resources and our opinions. I want the NACC to be a model for how to future-proof chambers and I want to set the standard for what it means to stand up for business.”

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