Azizi Marshall

Founder & CEO

Azizi Marshall | Center for Creative Arts Therapy

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Azizi Marshall is a leading Mental Health and Workplace Wellness expert teaching businesses around the world how to create and sustain the healthiest, most successful versions of their business possible – by actively engaging employees, leaders and business owners through interactive trainings, strategic mental health plans and creative wellness programs; engaging the WHOLE business so it can thrive. 

Azizi Marshall is the Founder & CEO of the Center for Creative Arts Therapy, an arts-based psychotherapy practice and training center in Chicago.  

In a world flooded with burnt-out employees, high turnover rates, and mental health dis-information, Azizi’s creative mental health approach and straightforward business advice draw thousands of inspired clients to her work. Best known for her fun and accessible approach to mental health, she’s built an international wellness empire from scratch on her laptop and across the globe. 

Azizi is delightfully changing the way the world views mental health. She speaks on stages around the world and mentors scores of heart-led businesses each year to enhance their employees’ quality of life AND their business. As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Board Certified Trainer in Creative Arts Therapy and accomplished author, cultivating a culture a care within businesses and their teams is her life’s passion.  

Azizi holds two graduate degrees in community mental health AND theatre, and is adjunct faculty with the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She has been featured in Oprah Magazine, CNN, NBC News, Thrive Global, Bustle, Reader’s Digest, The Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, and Glancer Magazine. She speaks on stages, TV and podcasts regularly throughout the country on mental health and Creative Arts Therapy, and guest posts on national news articles about workplace wellness and creativity.​ 

Speaking Topics:
  • Creating a Culture of Care: Beginning with a deliberate declaration of the important philosophies, beliefs, and practices that intentionally create a workplace of possibilities; requiring continual nurturing to attend to the invisible elements that allow people to actively and continually use their gifts to further the organization’s mission.
  • Building Resilience: In today’s organizations, resilience has become a key human trait required for peak performance. It’s an increasingly important characteristic for organizations to cultivate in employee
  • Mental Health at Work: OBSERVE shifts in mood and behavior that may be signs of potential mental health challenges. CONNECT with a person you may be concerned about. RESPOND to a struggling employee by connecting them with resources, supports and services. 
  • Work Your Boundaries: Engaging and solution-focused workshop covering the top 3 reasons WHY you need to set business boundaries, WHEN to set them and HOW to set them. Helping employees to change the #hustlehard narrative to #hustlewise. 
  • The Empathetic Leader: Empathy is the leadership competency to develop and demonstrate now and in the future of work, contributing to positive relationships and organizational cultures which drive results.  
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: A leader with high emotional intelligence is likely to be more effective in their duties: communication, problem-solving, and management because they have the primary skills required to handle their job and also a deeper understanding of themselves, their team, and how their words and actions impact success. 
  • Workplace Love Languages: Helping supervisors and managers effectively communicate appreciation and encouragement with their employees, resulting in a higher level of job satisfaction, engagement, and productivity. 

Special Note:  Additional mental health-focused content can also be developed to meet the needs of your audience/organization. 

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