As most would agree, there is a level of relief that the drama around the Nov. 2020 election is in our rearview mirror.  However, we are on the heels of the not so much talked-about April 6th “consolidated election” where we will elect city council members, park district and school district board members, as well as township leaders and a number of other offices.  Yet, the roles of these local government leaders significantly impact our business community and control a lot of money and influence to decide our community priorities – from the quality of our roads to public safety.  For example, school district boards vote on school bonds, impacting how our tax dollars are spent and steer the course for the quality of our schools which impacts our workforce and ability to attract new industry to the area.

I recently read an interesting statistic that just 1 in 5 voters participate in off-year local elections which means your vote carries an even greater impact on who is elected, sets local tax dollar spending priorities, and shapes our community policies. Furthermore, gaining quality data to assist you with your voting decision is more challenging than the sometimes over-abundance of information during the larger federal elections.

To support our Chamber Members and our residents in gaining first-hand quality data to make the most informed decision in this upcoming April 6th election, the NACC Business Works has scheduled exciting “Election Week Forums” March 15th – 18th.  Each of these evenings lasts from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm while candidates in the respective race (schedule below) will be available for virtual conversations with us.  You will be able to hear their priorities, qualifications for their roles in the office they are seeking, and have ample time for your questions. Below are the dates for each race’s NACC forum discussion.

Monday, March 15th: Naperville City Council

Register for this forum at this link

Tuesday, March 16th: Naperville Park District Board

Register for this forum at this link

Wednesday, March 17th: Naperville School District #203 Board

Register for this forum at this link

Thursday, March 18th: Indian Prairie School District #204 Board

Register for this forum at this link

You can find a list of all candidates and races in DuPage County by clicking here.

As always, contact me with questions, comments and if you have a policy concern impacting your business or industry.

Reba Osborne

Director of Government Affairs


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