Government Affairs Brief: 3.18.2020

Federal Assistance for Small Business & Not-For-Profits The Small Business Administration has authorized low-interest disaster loans for small businesses and non-profits (excludes religious organizations).  You are eligible for up to two million dollars for working capital (which includes fixed debt, payroll, etc.)  at an interest rate of 3.75% for businesses and 2.75% for non-profit agencies. Continue reading

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Government Affairs Brief: Local & Federal Updates Regarding COVID-19

LOCAL UPDATES City Council will meet tonight with an emergency meeting following.  We will provide an update tomorrow following that meeting. The 5th Avenue Workshop scheduled for April 6 has been postponed.   To clarify, Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order for Bars and Restaurants to close as of 9:00 pm last night allows for delivery, drive-thru, curb-side pick-up, and carry-out/ take-out.  Take-out is definedContinue reading


Naperville Restaurant Resource: Ready for Delivery or Pick-Up & Closure Information

Thank you for wanting to still patronize our local restaurants and eateries!  Your gesture is business saving. We have compiled a list of restaurants that have adapted to our current events by adjusting their service style to best serve you, and keep their business operating.  Keep in mind, hours may vary and we recommend callingContinue reading

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We have identified some simple measures you can take to support local businesses in this difficult time. Your gesture, your patronage, and your decision to support them – could be the difference between keeping their doors open or closing.

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CDC Mitigation Framework: Communities, Schools, Workplaces, and Events (Guidelines to help in safely reopening) Collins Law Firm: Insurance for Business Interruption US Chamber of Commerce CARES Act FAQ Sheet Our goal at the NACC is to always be your business resource. And, we have entered a new and relatively uncharted territory regarding the discovery of COVID-19.  ThisContinue reading


What are some FREE things I can do with my membership?

Everyone loves free right? I recently read an article about how many billionaires gain and keep their fortunes off of remaining frugal. Case in point, Mark Zuckerberg shopping for wholesale bargains at Costco. We know that you have chosen to make the investment in your organization by joining the NACC. For some businesses, it isContinue reading

Value of Face-to-Face Meetings with Elected Officials

Over the last year working in my role of government affairs at the Chamber, I have been involved in a number of methods of impacting policy at the local, state and federal level. Our advocacy has indeed taken several forms: We have supported the U.S. Chamber’s efforts to lobby congress for much-needed infrastructure funding by signing on asContinue reading

To Take Care of Your Business, You Must First Take Care of Yourself

Flu season is in full effect. We’ve had many staffers here at NACC with the flu – myself included – and, my advice is simple: if at all possible – stay home. Just like a sick child staying home from school, staying home from work is important to help prevent spreading the virus or coldContinue reading

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Off to the Races in Springfield

The 101st Illinois Legislative Session is underway.  Governor Pritzker recently delivered his State of the State address and we were listening.  Key issues he called for in the upcoming legislative session impacting the business community include: diversity and inclusion in hiring practices, clean energy legislation, and support of local government efforts to reduce property taxes and increase government consolidation.  All ideas we haveContinue reading

Networking at the Chamber

I will be honest, when I first started at the NACC I was terrified of networking. While I am very outgoing in a small group or one on one environment, there was just something about walking into a room of 75-100 people I didn’t know that made my heart race and my palms sweat. AllContinue reading